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bruffleshnif's Profile
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Username bruffleshnif Gender Female
Date Joined Location where the light cannot touch the earth, where the shadows rule over everything in sight, that is where my resting place lie
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Member Info
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NEWS: Eli-Chan has accepted me as her APPRENTICE  Isn't that so awesome ? I am now finally learning how to really write !
Hey ! My name's Gabi and I live in Canada !! WHOOT GO CANADA
Canada means:...lots of MOOSE ! ahem...sorry I love moose , moose rock
anyway... I love drawing ( otherwise I wouldn't be here except for maybe drooling over other artist's pics XP) , music and animals ! I love all animals ! And I have two cats :P
Not much more about me that I can say, except that I'm crazy :P and often on a caffeen overdose xD My scanner has an evil habbit to ruin every picture I scan so kicking it is one of my regular activities. *shifty eyes* I also have an imaginary friend named Karou ( a black tiger with white stripes and gray wings ) which I'm planning to draw ^^. To see some of the whacked-out conversations I've had with him head to my stories , but be warned , there are some violent scenes in there...ok...a lot of violent scenes ^_^'
*starts randomly acting like a cat*

mew! Leave comments people ! I like comments ! mew!

I may take requests, but it might take me a while to get them done. Gomen ! T^T

Requests pending :

Finished requests:

Rubidium Hawk ( original charrie ) for RubidiumHawk
Verzias ( original charrie ) for verzias
dark and misterious looking Verzias ( Oc ) for verzias
young Hawk ( Oc ) for RubidiumHawk 


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LadyAvali620 on June 25, 2008, 9:04:58 AM

LadyAvali620 on
LadyAvali620Gabi, hun, I miss ya! I just wanted to drop by and see how life was treating you. Last we spoke we were both under some major stress and stuff...still under it probably. ^^ But, anyways, Hi!

I'm in Colorado right now on my G-ma's computer. It has highspeed, so I can actually get stuff done. ^^ It's so civilized! LOL. But have a famtastic week and I'll talk to you later!


LadyAvali620 on February 14, 2008, 7:19:18 AM

LadyAvali620 on
LadyAvali620Steve...*laughs* I LOVE it. If anyone gives you any crap you can threaten that Steve will pay them a visit. Or you can karate chop the butts!!! No really, that is so cool that you can do that. Have you been taking your classes? So cool. But hey, you gotta shrink! That's great Gabi. If you feel you can't talk to your parents about your feelings than you made the best next choice. I'm serious, this is wonderful. I hope this person can help you dispell some of your stress and anxiety. (To be honest, if I'm overwhelmed I see an Acupuncturist or my Hair Dresser. She always makes me feel better. ^^)
    Life in general is moving so fast that I really think its putting strain on all of us. I mean, whenever had we had to go to school, have top grades, support our families, work, read, study, socialize, and plan our futures all at once. *re-reads list* holy crap! My school councilor is breathing down our necks about making deadlines and stuff. Geez. I found out that my dream college is an art institute in Kansas. A really really expensive college, but I think artsy-designing in general is my strongest calling right now. *hunches shoulders* But I'm sooo indecisive about these things it's frustrating.
    Anyways, I've missed you Gabi! I'm glad to hear life is at least tolerable. ^^ But maybe that's too kind of a word. LOL just keep Steve close to you and you'll be safe!

EliChan on February 14, 2008, 3:57:03 AM

EliChan on
EliChanOh good! I'm really excited about the whole apprentice thing, and I've got lots of new tricks and tips and exercises up my sleeve now. *wink*
Oh no!! My cousin has that same problem running, it's like the internet people are out to make him cry or something. heh He says he has to phone the people who run his internet... I'm not sure what they plan on doing, but apparently they are sending someone out. *babbling*

*gives big hugs and drags you out of the corner* Awww, it'll all get fixed soon!!! ; - ; I know it shall!! *claps*

EliChan on February 11, 2008, 3:03:55 AM

EliChan on
EliChanI have missed you soooooo much!!! <3
Been to long.
I ain't doin' that again.

*claps* I've actually started writing a novel of sorts... If you'd like to read it? <3 I have it posted on DA because it's an original, and since you can't post original stuff here.... (ie, FANart Central) That's part of the reason I decided to skidaddle.

And I'm still willing to do the whole apprentice thing with you if you're still interested? *sends luff*

LadyAvali620 on February 6, 2008, 6:47:38 AM

LadyAvali620 on
LadyAvali620Yeah, I know. My gal pals were all in mourning for Edward when the movie-officials picked Cedric-guy, but honestly, I see some potential in him. Some. I'll just have to wait and see him in make-up and Forks atmosphere to really decide if he works or not, but I'm so excited!
  anyways, I hope you get your internet fixed soon! I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling bad. Everybody here is experiencing depression too. Sickness, gas prices soaring, and testing...bleh. Oh and the weather is playing games with us. Seriously. One day its warm enough to be the middle of Spring, the next its snowing and there's no school. Urgh...

EliChan on January 27, 2008, 4:02:59 AM

EliChan on
EliChan...Guess who came back. : D

LadyAvali620 on January 24, 2008, 10:02:20 AM

LadyAvali620 on
LadyAvali620GABI!!!! *hug-mega-hug-of-deathly-proportions* I've missed you so much!! How have ya been? OMG, I can't believe its been months! I just read all of your comments! *hug* You know I love yours the best. ^^  So how's life treating you right now?  Ugh...My computer has been acting up lately, so I haven't really tried to get on, but I'm still here. ...Barely. HA! I kid.  Bart's still here too, and he's actually grooming his smelly-fresh fur. (He gets showers now. Must to his horror.) He smells like strawberries.
Say hi Bart.
Bart: *glares*
OMG!!!! I don't know if you know, but did you know that they are making a movie from Twilight!!?!?! And that they already picked the stars for Edward and Bella? Fangirls are foamin' at the mouth around here, it's crazy!
Anyways, I miss ya girlie! Hope every thing's okay!

TKxKari224 on January 5, 2008, 11:44:58 AM

TKxKari224 on
TKxKari224haha yeah that is kinda cool :D it actually would be pretty sweet to have another 'you' ..unless it ran around wreaking havvoc and messing things up O.O that would be bad! haha

i live in nova scotia ^^



Present !! haha

Present !! haha

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