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A story of what it would be like if Danny had a little brother who pranks the crap out of him! Story by me, some characters/personalitiys/themes by other sources (eg:Family Guy,Drake & Josh, Danny Phantom, you get it)
NOTE: Some parts are narrated b
Oneshot. In the future, Danny is alone in the Ghost Zone, an outcast in both worlds. He remembers what led up to it...It all started with a sweater.
This is my version of a fakeout makeout! No, this is a romance about DXS! Hope u enjoy! I'm goin bac 2 mt oder story tho, so no more of this! LOL
Cherry Ichigomiya, aka Cherii Star, is part ghost, part sapphire lori bird. She and Danny become fast friends and know about each others' secret, but when Vlad Plasmius arrives and their friendship is put to the test, will they rise above the evil an
What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!
This is know you stars, Danny! I didn't exactly copy, so... DON'T SUE!!!
Maggie is the new girl in Amity Park. She just moved next door to Danny. Danny, Tucker, Sam, and she are getting along quite nicely. Will things be as great when they find out her secret? And is Danny getting stuck in between Paulina, Sam, and Maggie
This story is about getting to know someone who really isn't there...
Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does. Though I wish I did. I also don't own the song, "I love you always forever", Donna Lewis does. SO PLEASE DON'T SUE ME!!! This is my first fanfic, it's a one-shot songfic... enjoy!!
We all know the stories. Famine, Pestilence, War, and Death will bring the end of the world. But now Danny must solve the mystery of the mass murder at Sam's Halloween party. The only eyewitnes won't talk about it. Now Danny is faced with a tough mys
Sam and Danny have been friends since anyone can remember. Their friendship has grown stronger. It's up to a cupid to bring them together.