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Life in Shawn's view. Very short. Please tell me if you want me to continue!
hehehe....the gorillaz mess up their parts....

includes transcript for "fancy dress"


rated pg-13 for russel and muds's bad mouths!
Its the Gorillaz bit but i decided to rite the script for it!!! Hell ya!! Some word mite be rong...but o well.
Noodle's 15th birthday coming up soon.
But she's been keeping a little something secret from the boys, and she feels she needs to tell them.And most importantly, MEET him.
(Set around Summer timeish)
This is like "Dear Abby" in Gorillaz form! It's a series of funny, fictional letters written to the members of the Gorillaz. So far: 2D and Murdoc
How often does a nice day happen then it turns into an accident tommorow.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.