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I tried writing a song, it's my best try yet. c:
It's supposed to be about how Ryou Bakura (from Yu-Gi-Oh!) feels after his yami is killed, but you can read it without any familarity with the Yu-Gi-Oh! series (I think).
My new Yugioh and Family guy crossover

Ahem, sorry. I had WAY too much sugar tonight, so I'm coming out with a fanfic dedicated to one of my favorite pairings, Bakura and Pie. All hail it.
Yami no Bakura gives Ryou trouble. Yugi & the gang are there to help.
Another Yugioh and Family guy crossover
Again another yugoh Family guy crossover
This is another random Yugioh Family guy crossover
This is another yugioh crossover fanfic the guys totally loose it and break out in to song
The Yugioh gang has decided to get you ready for the scariest holiday ever HALLOWEEN.
A Ranma½/Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover. Based on my fav. episode.Bakura realizes that women have it much easier and says hew ould want to be one, a mistake, before he knows of it he is confronted with his female side.
This is the remake of family guys Road to Road Island only wwith Yugioh Road to Domino
(Friendship) Ryou and Bakura have an argument, Bakura leaves and Ryou goes to find him.
I just love this song it sorta tells ya that you can do better things in life if ya really try.
More like drawing! =D
You can never be a good artist unless you try hard and practice all your life and have fun! =D
MEOW! =3
A poem in Ryou's POV about how Bakura abuses him.
Deni, my friend, and I wrote this together. It's a story on how Bakura (Yami) likes a pie and marries it and...yeah. It's stupid and random and funny. I think you'll like it
Poem that goes with my Shadow drawing. About Thief King Bakura.
I made this poem while righting a rough draft for a compnion to my other story. This is suposed to be about Thief King Bakare/Bakura. This Poem has been entered in 2 contests in which I hope to win.
its a suprise
Bakura has some weird dream that makes him choose to live life misrible or happy. He keeps on having these dreams and then some one comes along and tries to hurt his family and friends. Can he save them?
Each time he's hurt he looses a single feather... How long does he, the angel, have to live if he's losing his feathers to his demon? [Drama/Angst][Bakura/Ryou]
you know i am german so i translated it. i am not as good at translation as i want to be, so i would be grateful if you tell me my mistakes or how i could formulate it better. it's a one shot and tells about ryou, his sister and how he got the ring