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Airin-chan is an OC by a user on Quizilla, I recieved this request from her and wrote it up ^^
Well... At least a Bad Day didn''t turn out too bad.

Disclaimer: I do not own Seto Kaiba, KaibaCorp, Yugioh or any of their combined awesomeness....

This fic was a request I recieved on Quizilla once ^-^
Despite his better judgment Seto Kaiba becomes jelous when Jounouchi Katsuya begins dateing annother classmate Ryo Bakura. Bakura unfortunatly seems to be on the receving end of some terrible luck, are the two conneted or is Jou just paranoid?
When Seto Kaiba, Rich CEO of the successful gaming company Kaiba Corp, becomes tired of getting everything he wants he desides to ditch his responsibilities and do something about it. But when his solution attracts attention from Jounouchi Katsuya, he dis
For interested Seto Kaiba fans, this is just a deep poem about his coldness and how Mokuba provides him with his only strength, etc.
A very anst-y poem, yet again, from me to poor Seto's past. Non-rhyming, but separated by AM and PM- read to see. Kaiba fan girls will enjoy.
The title says it all, but I'll explain, I threatened to throw Seto in to a pit of Barbie's that are alive, and take over his company, if he didn't answer what ever people ask him, so ask away! ^_______^
Something I have been working on that envolves Seto and me. It's not a romance thing or anything, just a really odd adventure.
Ever since visiting the shadow realm, Seto Kaiba's soul was
opened up. Messages written by no one appear. He fears it is a
ghost. He fears it is madness. Only the words will say.
A lost soul, searching for themself (angsty, depressing)