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French project, no reasoning, just M. Casey
The song in episode 30 of sailor moon where Serena/Usagi turns into a princess
Darien/Mamoru and Serena/Usagi were princess and prince and were killed and now reincarnated and meet together soo is Beryl and now can Darien/Mamoru save his Serena/Usagi will his memory come back sooon. Will the history repeat it self
the sun shone in the sky as rini walked to school with serena."blah blah blabbeddy blah!!! thats all serena does"as she jumped high in the air then started to skip around as she waited for luna's reply.
This is a story about a ordinary girl called Viola.......Well she was ordinary until she found out she was a Sailor Scout.
what te title says. i got some 0f these from a website others i made up myswelf
Its about the new male sailor scouts! The Sailor/Planet Warriors.
...........nothing really but read it
what happens rini and elliot get kidnapped and a new sailor scout appears? find out! this is the sequil to moon kingdom so don't read this until yuo read my moon kingdom story
the sailor scouts get a surprise trip to the moon kingdom, where they're going to have to save the moon kingdom from the evil force
A quiz for Sailor Moon fans about Sailor Moon. It is based on the series including the PGSM series. Some of the Question are really hard but some are quite easy. I will be uploading 21 questions in each different page/ chapter.
This is a weard story
Cosmos has peacefully ruled Crystal Tokyo, and Chaos has arrived. It shows what she went through and how she went back into the past.
A new enemy has come and not even Neo Queen Serenity not be able to beat it.
This is the theme song in japenese.It didn't take long though... Anyway Enjoy!
Serena's thoughts towards the end of the episode "A Crystal Clear Destiny".
Serena and Darien celebrating Christmas. Enjoy!
I got this stuff from different sources, and damned if each one said a different birthstone. I didn't feel like looking them all up, so make do.
The Sailor Scouts get a shocking surprise: They aren't the only Sailor Scouts! This does not have the outers, only the inners, but it takes place after the last season. I wrote this fic a while ago, so it might be bad.
A year after Usagi's marriage. Darkened visions of the future haunt her dreams as a new enemy begins their attack on Earth. Now she wonders if Crystal Tokyo will ever come to pass?
This story is basically the story of Sailor Moon, with a different style and a twist. I switch the characters around, and there's also a twist in it somewhere. (I'm not sure where, since I don't even know what the twist will be yet) Luna finds Ami, i
Sailor Moon and scouts have defeated all known enemies. Now, will there be another one? She has married Darien and Is happy. soon she finds that someone has been controlling a scout..Which one?
There is a new Sailor Soldier in town, and a new plot to steal the energy of the Earth. The first chapter is short and kinda sucks because I wrote it ages ago, but starting chapter 2 it gains real credibility and depth unfolding an epic story about