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Casey Ollin goes around school known as Cast. Always cheerful, so outgoing. Casey/ Cast shows everyone that she is the happiest girl on the face of the earth. But that’s only on the outside.....
This story is about a girl that has 2 problems
1. she found a ring that let out eathrs doom and she has to save man kind
2. when ever shes late for school her teacher does stuff to her and then something she thought shed never do happens ....
I draw her often enough so I gave her a little background.
A story about a girl in a rpg. Simple comedy, and also suggested to neko fans!
I know. Long title. Well, anyways, my story is about a girl named Robin. She lived in Maryland. Her parents didn't have time for her, so they sent her to boarding school in California. Nobody likes her because she's different. Will she be able to survive?
it is a 14 year old boy just going to enter high school and he is not the luckiest boy you see he is very unlucky but his luck changes
this is my first good story! all i want is comments. please! i am not that good!
a sequel to shabanu
This is about Spade's life (any of my friends that want 2 b in this story please leave me a comment saying what charrie u want as u and describe them tell if they are friend or not)
its kinda depressin!!
hope u like it!!
pleaz comment!
My Midori poem! She's my own character (from my fic Son of a Lord)
o.o;; Just a poem. You can only guess at the true meaining... *shifty eyes*