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3 jewels apart r nothing...
when together they hold unspeakable power...
one child born of 2 different worlds...
can she be the true heir to the jewels....
but can she defeat thoses who stand before her..
A really long short story for creative writing class.
A Queen and her Heir are holding a tournament and Gala. Not everything goes according to plan.
Basicly a story of a thifs life in a mythical world.
There was only two who could save this but what happens when one fails the other with trust?
the second in a series ov novellas concerning Marinia, Zhinari, Koji, and Matt.
Princess Marinia and her friends in th first story to contain them all-
ok, more chapters....i'm really slow at typing, so this is alot for me.
This is a story about a school that helps children with powers. Hope you like it!
The story moves kinda fast in the beginning but chapter two is way better. Enjoy!
One child teams up with two more and faces evil.
MY OWN CREATION                        o.O
i just thorght i would write this story so i did and it is just about love and well plase just read it
I don't really Have one but bear with me
"You will need Spirit and Courage to save the clan"
Heres a list of SOME of my storys.
I made this ages ago and now intend to finish it,
It ws originally put up on SI and got people a bit confused