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For those who know... This is for you.
   Two years passed since Samus and friends had slain Iban, and Zamorak's power still reeks upon Runescape. Strange things happen, Samus's curse is raging, and his father brings him a unwelcome reunion..
   Usman Mirza died in a battle one year ago, so Samus formed a clan. The PKKers. Aay, Patrick, and Kid Mental, from Oh Dear, have joined the clan in their quest to kill son of Zamorak, Iban.
     Samus and friends have been facing hard times, but it only gets worse when the strongest person in Runescape has Zamorak in him! Read on to see what happens!
Aay and Patrick have been married eight months, and yet danger kees on coming their way. Someone from Aay's past shows up, and this time, Aay's life will be in danger. What a way to ruin the Christmas season!
Its the day after the celeration of the defeat of Dav... and yet, is it? Patrick, Aay, and the rest of the gang get stuck in the computer, with two people, Warriorfreak and Lazylazydu, who play Runescape, and who will try to help Aay and gang to get
Patrick has finally set up a place for n00bs, though its a day away from Varrock, so he and Aay hardly get to see eachother, and a new power has arisen.
Aay is your every day noob in Runescape. She then meets Patrick, and then Dav, and her life gets complicated because Dav tries to ruin her and Patrick's life. What will she do?