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Plagued by dreams and driven by instincts only he can understand, Naruto finds himself on a new adventure, going solo. What he doesn''t know is that a greater power is guiding his efforts, leading him on a new destiny to save a world that''s not his own.
Naruto's innocent walk home turns into a fight for his life...Will he get help in time? And who's the culprit Someone who knows Naruto already? Someone else? Or...maybe both?
I moved 2 Konoha and I met this nice boy named Naruto Uzumaki. We fall in love a little while after I moved in.

Naruto character profiles from episode 1-37
That’s all I ever wanted from this village, and all I was never given.
Hn. I was thinking of Naruto, and feeling sorry for him. And wishing he was real. XD 'Cause I could be his warmth for him.
well i kinda wrote this for naruto, its about wat he has 2 go throgh (oh & its a poem)
These are little poems, most likely an offshoot from ShinobiWolf's Broken Song. If anyone reads this who knows ShinobiWolf, please tell him/her to read this. I'd like the critiscm so I can write better.