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a poem for Gaara... and the title is enough to describe itself...
a story i typed last night!!!
Go and Ask them questions you can even ask my naruto OC Galine some too!!!
This is a free-verse peom about Gaara's feelings for life........ I like it... I hope you do too.
CONGRADULATIONS! YOu now own your own sabuku no gaara ! Please note that him killing others is none of our consern
The sad life of gaara...
My first fanfic!!! hope u like.
Late one night, Gaara is buried in paperwork. Sandsib fic, oneshot. Written for LJ's 20 inkspots comm. Not Sandcest, though I love it, just keeping my Inkspots gen.
Usually Gaara is cold and keeps himself distant from others...then he meets Kara.
A short story about gaara and narutos love for sakura