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Kurama Comes over to Micki's hotel, the Heaven Hotel, for christmas...
I wrote a story about Micki and Kurama's relationship... Enjoy!
Made for my friend Sam and COMPLETED! Ooh yeah i rock! x3
I just wanted to see that red head once more. I just wanted to say 'thank you,' and give him a friendly hug. Then be done with it all. I just wanted to see him once more...Oneshot KuramaXOC
Vibrant green eyes, fiery red hair, he was handsome, and he was my savior. How I wish I could see him again... Oneshot kind of KuramaXOC
A little poem dedicated to Hiei and Kurama....
Otouto’s thoughts as Ani sleeps peacefully by his side their first night back to life.
Yomi and Raizen, Raizen and Yomi. The wo kings juggle a single person back and forth, fighting for her favor, and trying to protect her from Mukuro, but they fins she's a little more than a handful. And she will change their lives forever.
Caught in the doorway to the world of adulthood, a young Duchess is sold away to marriage, to Sakyo! When she's in love with ANOTHER! OC X Sakyo X Ani
My stories are back and better than ever+_+See the romantic start to the funny end.
Yusuke's life is ripped apart whe na triple death occurs and wipes out those closest to him. But an old enemy shows up and lifts Yusuke form his drowing pool of sorrow. YAOI Yusuke X Toguro