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A poem about Sasuke. No it doesnt rhyme.
this is one of y test storys and im not realy finished with it so i just want comments thanks
A one chapter story about Itachi and Sasuke. There last moments together. This is basicly what I think will happen at the end of the Sasuke's mission to kill Itachi. Please note: this is written entirely in Sasuke's point of view.
Oh nothing just a request...
Part two to SasukeAndMomijiHaHa's story. I hope this does not give you nightmares dear children. Kat, hope you like this!
Well... the idea i stole from naruto abridged. ha ha.
My first story about how sasuke leaves konaha.
Be nice!
Allright for the people that read my other jounal , this is the orginal version . The other one was made up from my head .
I tased blood in my mouth , Itachi why did you kill our family and clan ? Arya Uchiha keeps a jounal of daily events that happen to her and sasuke and itachi . I don't know if there we be a future for the uchiha clan or not ........
Well... this is a poem of the Uchiha Massacre in Sasuke P.O.V... Yeah....
A simple poem about sasuke and his feelings on the merculic onslaught of his clan.
brothers togeather brothers bond what els would you want
Funny story! Sasuke gets amnesia and everyone takes advantage of it.

PLEEZ be nice and comment! This is only my second fanfic!:)
"Hey Karnashi!" a voice shouted. Karnashi turned around. Naruto was standing behind her. "Not a chance!!!" Karnashi shouted. Naruto sighed and walked away. "I guess I was a bit too mean to my own team mate." she said. She heard foot steps again. "Naruto!! I told you not to bother me." she said turning around again. It was Sasuke. "Seems you handled Naruto." he said.
lol this is me and my friend neera in a chat....this is also what happens when sasuke gets drunk.....
chibi sasuke wants to learn a certin game, and his brother Itachi is there to help. sasuke plays the game years later, but this time, nobody's there to help...