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Well lifty wakes up in a "place" he isn't familiar with and can't remember anything from the day before he finds is fifty's phone number on his paw (whatever you wanna call it) who is fifty what is this place and where the Frick is shifty?!?
1. either maradara desided to get a job and pick the wrong one...

or 2. He did so much bad his mom sent him herself!

Anyway's this is another story about maradara get's sent to a military school ora bootcamp, just hope he doesn't go to war ):l
During a storm, Flaky finds an abandoned house and runs into a mystery.
Due to a storm that wrecked everybody's homes, Wa-wa, Pop, Cub, Ma, Glory, Disco Bear, Valley, Toothy, Macadamia, Nutty, Bristles, Flaky, Cuddles, Giggles, Petunia, and Handy must stay in Flippy's house. Chaos ensues.
This is my fan fic before Treedom Hearts. Over 150 pages long in book page styles I suppose. Flaky is the main character, and this pic made me make Flisky and Chief. XP
This is a fan fic based off my Character, Cheery. This shows his origins, and how he was made. This is also getting mods, like Lambda Experiment II, Opposing Force (HL Much? ), and many more. :D
I FIXED DA GLITCHES!!! So here it is, The Ryuu Archives. Anything and everything you need or want to know about that random little dragon, and the occasional random bit of information that has absolutely nothing to do with him.
Profiles of mah charries, more coming soon! ^^ *character profile guidelines courtesy of Nightychao)
Mime starts talking and all of HTF is turned upside down, or is it? (warning, amount of random may be hazardous to your health)
my first Htf fanfic, NuttyRulez221 told me i should post this, so here ya go, flamers will be eaten by rabid flippy
Janie ish my friend's made up, and I just posted this because Mariroth said I should. Please don't hate the fact that there is no violence. I made this FF for my good friend Alex. You rock! ^_^