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Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay
accounts receivable
A short story about a hero who falls in love. Typical love story junk :P
Part of the Boyz+Girls series.
Trey and Amy are left alone by Brett. What will happen? NO NOT THAT! freekz!
Two people who hate each other get stuck in the tunnel of love and make a shocking discovery.
Twill and Nick''s fantical love story. But who''s that third player in mix?
I got inspiered and wrote a rock song. Comments and critisim are accepted. Song inspiered by Katy Perrys "one of the boys"
I was thinking about something my love had said to me, when I was writing this.
All the enemies descriptions are in here.
This was just a story I made to try something new. Jacob Ambers "condition" is purly made up. If I find insperation i'll update this but dont hold your breath. genera is probubly humor/romance/friendship/ whatever.
I'm going to start off with a few questions then the audienceis free to ask them ANYTHING (as long as it's not vulgar, rude, or otherwise flaming me or them).
I really didn't know what to categorize this.
I got the idea from a song, as soon as people start guessing the song I will edit this and tell.
This is the very first chapter book that im writing,i have only ever wrote short stories,that werent very good in the first place.this story is going to become a series.hope you all enjoy it and remember that this is only a few chapters.
^_^ enjoy my randomness of doom

with-shekca (yes)

XD warning- strong language
Decided to steal Skof's idea and move my Oc's into a story.
To escape the visions that plague them Rasp and Arac agree to share what they know to piece together their lost past, discovering they share more in common than they thought.

Zinc,Kuro,Jex,Dez,Elet,and Raz=Skof’s

Irken Race (c) Jhonen Vasquez
I have my OC's.

Klous Kazmari and Tiffani Gallagher.

The song lyrics are from She Cries Your Name- Beth Orton.

Dick-MAD Agent Dick from GGGs. Prince-Inspector Prince from GGGs. Ted-The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George(Dick's bro in this). Katie-a pally of mine who is obsessed with Agent Dick. The crowd-Insert random characters.
Caitlin is the depressed loser who runs away from home. She make her massive reentry at the home coming game when she goes out to meet the guy of her dreams.... and all the other dreams, too.
if you been reading find out what happens next
my story for language arts!
This is an interview with a band called Drakula that I made up. I wrote it for a contest my friend Vicki is having on deviantart.
Her username is vhomick on there. Check out her contest.
People seem to ask about my characters a lot (well, they used to...) This here is a guide to my main characters' pasts and some background info. Enjoy! ^_~

I'm sorry if it appears a bit iffy. Somehow the coding just seems to like messing up on me. If i
This book is not copying 'The Clique' series. I just love the books and decided to make a story like it. Anyways, these girls meet and their lives change forever. Also, there ARE some spoilers from the Clique books. Like some of the insults.