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My fruits basket OCs
A New Boy just transfered to Tohru and the Sohma's school But there is more then meets the Eye! Is this New kid really what he says? like is he really a boy? Well Read to find Out!!
This is my story to what happens after the last episode/book chapter. Tohru has been granted to stay with the Sohmas' and live with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure in the house. But something or someone has been watching them sense Tohru first arrived at the Sohma house. And for the past one and a half years she has been then this thing has not left. She has been watch them from afar. From the shadows of the woods. But now she will reveal herself, show them what true fear really is and what it's really like to be curesed.
A girl named Mia has stummbled across the family secret of the Sohma family. But she doesn't care one bit. She thinks she knows everything about the Sohma family now and they think they know everything about her. But is their more to Mia then what
THIS IS MY FURBIE STORY. unfortunately, i dont own Furuba, and if anyone has any problems with this story i will delete it AGAIN, it is only back by popular demand. My character, Kuroumo, replaces Rin.