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This is the short story behind the age-old rhyme:
"Bobby Shaftoe's gone to sea,
Silver buckles on his knee,
He'll come back to marry me,
Bonnie Bobby Shaftoe"
3rd poem i've submitted to this site. it was on won of my pictures, but i decided to submit it by itself. its not a fanfiction, but its a poem. please tell meb what you think.
a poem i've written, not so long ago. let me know what you think! :D
All right, in japan, scary stories are pretty popular. Sooooo, I will be posting some of the stories (mostly from Japan) that I know of! Some may be true stories (could be a killing/ murder). so enjoy!
This is a poem version of a horror story me and my friends made I will be righting more versions of Rose Mary...enjoy^.^
its been 15 years since the village of New sheart has seen the monster called The Thing. But when Mrs. Paulson brings it up to a young girl named Velly, has The Thing come back to kill, or is it even real?
This is about a really freaky dream i had last night it scares me but you might have needed to see to believe it
well. [ps: the part were it describes a dream, that's just a dream in a dream]