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Hehe!I love fanfics!*DISCLAIMER*:it is all fake okay?!
NOT REAl okay so dont go thinking Ray Toro is a were wolf okay if you think that you need help...Enjoy my story...

BTW here the link to the cover:
some story that my mind came up with after reading a really really sad and depressing story.
The rain outside drums like a alcohol influenced heartbeat

Gerard's been on a bender and it shows
but will Frankie love him
and share a kiss before he goes?
based on a my chemical romance song and gunslinger girl<3
5 Short Stories Im working on...Most of them Frerard:3

[edit]The stupid site messed up the titel.Its suupsoe to be 5 SHOTS..not SHOTS...cheezes chirts.......
Just random story i wrote in school.The endings really bad casue i wrote it when i got home from school and all my creativity went byes.actally the whole storys really bad casue i cant wright.
For charlotte♥
Casue i said so.
These are songs I wrote. People that deserve credit:
My Chemical Romance; For giving me insperation
Jamie Hardy; For giving my love of writing
My friends; for encouraging me to write
Waku; For being awesome ^_^
One shot drabble. What does your mind tell you?
Pairing: Frank//Gerard
Pov: Gerard's
Summary: Frank and Gerard relationship in seven parts
Disclaimer: Fake
Title: Love Never Dies But Springs Eternal
Pairing: Frank + Gerard
Summary: It was something unspeakable, unbelievable
Pov: Second
Disclaimer: Fake.
Authors Note: Possibly fluffy. It is confusing.
Time Spent: Approximately 15 minutes to create.
This is a Gerard/Frank fanfic me and Charlskellington00 wrote together! Enjoy
A story about Gerard and a's actually pretty good...
Okay... let me explain. This is what my life would be like if I really knew MCR from when we were young. I am the girl in the very beginning and my name is Ira. I am way older than I am now. Probably 28. Yeah... I'm around their age... Just love my fantasy world and stop thinking about how strange I am!
Everyone has their views on life. Gerard and Mikey Way are no exception. Gerard has his opinion on how things work, and Mikey has his. Marilyn Manson, however, is extremely wise and thinks profoundly about all things. At the same time, the world keeps spinning beneath their feet and they have to run to keep up.
Gerard is a senior in highschool, he has a wonderful girlfriend, but when she get's ill...what will he turn to?
Mikey has something of Gerard's and is on the run from him; in the hotel stairway. While that chase is in persuit, Frankie is in the lobby awaiting fresh cookies, but will he ever get to taste them?
The members of MCR get a new traveling companion.
But where did this person come from?
And whats going to happen now that they're here?
Okay, my other one is acting stupid so I am making a new one, it is the same story.
after i saw that my work was deleted, i decided to repost this story, seeing that it was probably the most popular. anyways....enjoy!
Is it hot in here, or is it just Gerard? Or is it just Mikey? Or... Maybe... Maybe it's just the sun!! (comedy thingy that's really weird, 1 chappy only)
Gerard struggles with drug addiction, and his caring brother, Mikey, tries his best to help him break it. (I know the summary sucks, but the story's better than it sounds; trust me.)
Well Mikey is alone in a cottage on a cold night, he hears noises...
well i had this idea for a gerard way story. i knew the perfect girl to star in it.

so there is this girl named amanda and she has a secret she is hiding from the world. she is scared she'll fall for gerard.