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Something funny that meh and meh neice made up! XD
The story,Itachi Uchiha:A Loving Brother was made for one reason and one only.A death tribute to Uchiha Itachi,I was listening to Gone Forever,Time Of Dying,and Never Too Late as I wrote this.When he died I cried a lot..
this is a bit funny it's a manual fic and hehe just read it and laugh it's short and one shot! i think i'll also do one for dei and sasori you can give some request of other characters
All right this is my third jounal . a little note those who havn't read my Lost jounal of the uchiha clan will be clueless about this one . This is her daughter jounal ...
Mother , father why do you seem to hate me so much ? Even little sasuke seems to ; that will all change , i planning some thing .... sasuke forgive me
Itachi Has Kidnapped The Princess of blood. But the weird thing is that they have fallen deeply in love (or will be). Does Itachi have the guts to sayI LOVE YOU ]or will he go on pertending to hate her for his partner?

Read and find out
sauskes dreatful past with his brother itachi