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I cannot believe the dearth of material in this category! o_O It's ridiculous.

Anyway I had to do this for a World Lit. assignment and...well why not, right?
A story about a person (me) with a surprise ending.
This is, in no way, shape or form, meant to be offensive to GBLT. It is just my satirical attempt at pointing out the seclusion that they must face by the ignorant ways of modern society.
Optismit versus pessimist. Enough said...
just a goofy mad lib list I made up you can participate if you want. ok? ok.
sorry if it got screwed up just try to read it as good as you can!
Just a short little thing. KC's are better she'll be putting hers up hopefully. (btw i have no clue what satire is)
Romance, Action, comedy, poetry, Diary, where to place it? This story is going to be a published novel, but there is no specific genre to place it. It can be considered any of the ubove.
it was done for english...and well you know the topic...just read and you will see. I got a hundred on it. But it was a problem and steal is.