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It''''s been 5 years since the Dark Lord has fallen. The war was heavy on many, especially heroes Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. But can a chance of fate once again mend their lives to how it used to be?
An interactive story where the readers get to write the chapters. View for further details.
On the day the war begins, Draco Malfoy writes a letter to his secret love, Hermione Granger.  The only problem is, it was never supposed to reach her.  Dramione.  One-shot, but sequel will be out soon.
A little girl. A little boy. A porcelain doll, and broken promises. BlaiseHermione ONESHOT
Ron’s discussion with Harry about how and why Hermione turns the redhead down for a relationship. Uhm, a Harmony fic; written before HBP.
ONESHOT. Harry & Hermione and were surrounded by dementor. Then something happened that will change his life...and his patronus. Forever. R&R.
ONESHOT.Hermione couldn't sleep. She can't help thinking about the war tommorrow. But she's not the only one awake. Read on and don't forget to review!
This is just a short story I wrote one day...I was having a writers amazing moment.
(One-shot) (HHr) Harry and Hermione have a bit of an... issue... over money. Breaking up, getting back together, and crumpling the Daily Prophet... Gee, what's the (wizarding) world coming to?