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Another Harry Potter World story. This one is theme when the characters read the books about themselves through Andromeda's p.o.v.
This is a Harry Potter story without Harry Potter. Andromeda is the Boy-who-Lived and is misberable. When his creature inherance is unleashed, he find what he wanted most.
Disclaimer: I don''''t know Harry Potter
story abut my fav char!
Petunia Dursley took little Harry in with joy, loving him even more than her own son. But the Fates, cruel as always, takes him away. AU
Dudley had never liked his cousin Harry. No, it wasn’t that he didn’t like Harry, it was because he didn’t like the all the attention his own mother gave to Harry. AU
A plot against Peter?
I got the idea over at my friends house and stuff. Enjoy!
Harry,Ron,Hermelien in een nieuw verhaal,Hermeliens zusje Ashley hoord er nu ook bij.Harry wordt verliefd op Ashley maar haar hart ligt bij Carlo of toch bij Harry?.Voldemort komt steeds weer terug,maar wat is zijn link met Ashley?.
for the love of all things potter, please read this! its good, if a bit boring, but i can put more exciting bits into it and funny stuff, so comment please! and read please!
I didn't write this, my friend Mashes-the Slytherin Queen on did, but it's just too funny, so I decided to post it here for anyone who cares ^^'
A little story about Harry's older sister Kyrea.
[Complete] One had the picture perfect family, the other barely knew what it meant. One was a model student, the other struggled to learn to read. One was kind, the other sweet, but together one would find his obsession and the other his rage.
Harry Potter is no longer alive, there's nothing left of the name Potter but a pair of Triplets named Madison, Alex, and Cally Potter. They lived with an adopted magic family and end up back in time help their great(you get it) grandfather Harry Potter
A potion accident left Snape in an animagus form and just for fun Draco gives Snape to the one and only Harry Potter
This is a Harry Potter Book, uh... written by me ^^
A girl gets addopted by Snape, strange as it seems. It is strange, and with good reason. Something you would read in fiction, because Tari likes to write. She likes to write storys.
Harry Potter lives his not-so-normal life at the Dursleys, and survives with the letters that are sent to him every year. And finally, he gets to leave the Dursleys in his Guardian Angel's arms, never to return.
Ron fanfic. after hermione breaks his heart, ron finds someone new to watch over and take care of. kinda of long, starts with a teaser chapter.
Harry Potter....Carry Potter...Find it very similar...
I have written this story for my best mate so here goes....
...Harry returns to Hogwarts, but Lord Voldamort is in the process of turning Harry's life upside down.
Enjoy reading
A small fic where Harry and Remus are thinking about Sirius while they're at Grimmauld Place the summer after his death. [A small dedication to Sirius.] Complete.

(I have this posted on under the same penname. I might add a few other stori
another year at hogwarts for harry and friends. some old friends returning and some new transfer studnets coming. enjoy.
What happens when The Weasley twins meet two mages that are just like them. read and find out. This is my first story, so please don't be mean.
It will have bad langue later on.
This is the most random thing that I put on this site!