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Ellemenna is the queen elf of the world called Ellemenna. She leaves and comes to Earth in the form of a cat. As Ellemenna presides in Earth, a new queen is appointed in her home world. (elves are not mentioned in the 1st chptr)
The Tombsake War destoryed a clan friendship, but can two yound ppl restore it?
Hey there!

This is about the group that I run called "Element Girlz"

If you wanna join , please read first then comment! ^__^
this is a story idea that i have had for a while. it has real people in in but its not real its self (obviously) hope u enjoy and remember to comment!
ok it sounds weird but for every element there is a person that controls it and well it sorta prudeces on its own
5 friends find out they have elemental powers one fire, one water, one wind, one ice, and one earth. A Queen from a strange Kingdom have sent them on a misson to find a lost object called "The Heart Mirror"
End of the world story....cause elementals lose control of their powers.... Aqua - water / Alena - light Will - wind / Blake - darkness Blaise - fire Terra - earth
Wind, Water, Ice, Fire, Earth, Lighting, and Shadow.
I summon the forces of all of "Nature's Giving."

Wind: Breath, Touch, Flight/Glide
Water: Blance, Rain, Healing
Ice: Share, Boundless, Feeling
Fire: Flame, Heart, Soul
Earth: Suround, Earn, Give
Lighting: Strenth, Energy, Hast
Shadow: Hide, Sneak, Grasp
A little thing I did when I wasn't feeling too happeh. This was a hit over at DA, so I hope you guys like it.
another story i am writeing
Michelle and her best Friend Emily have gotting into trouble before, but noting like this. Secrets, strange elemental powers, demons and masters. Will the two of them remain friends till the end?
these are my element poems. It took me almost a year to come up with them all. Tell me what you think and if my time was well spent, your comments will be appreciated.
It's about the elements... chinese and so on... Will take a long time