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Three kids separarrted at birth must realize thier calling and join forces to save the homeland they knew nothing about.
the rough drafts of the second book of SwitchbladeSymphony
this is SilentSymphony
Another story of mine that i did a few years back. This isn't like your typical stories but this is more like a creation story about how the world and other things came to be. But it eventually sounds like a story when i give it a main character XD.
Alan Maxwell didn't want to go home, so he ran away. Simple. But when he slips on a rock and opens his head up, he ends up in a 4 Demensional world where he is king.
there are five elements, earth, air, fire, water, and life. Every things under control, everyone knows where everyone else is, until...
Join Lillian and her friends in discovering who's missing, and why....