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ZIM is afraid of snow, Crystal has no idea what to buy for ZIM, Gir is chopping down a christmas tree, Mini Moose becomes Santa Claus, Dib has to stay with ZIM and Crystal for Christmas.
Characters are owned by Jhonen Vasquez
Ok, after kill a human in an accident, a ghost haunts Zim and Zin's base. O.o
OK, these are my chracter Bios, I'm still not quite done with them but o well! read them for inside facts about my characters!
Ok, u all know that Zim and Zin are like almost in love, but when Zin forgetts Zim and ever comming to earth due to
an actident, a horrible thing happens.....
Ok, this is an IZ story i made up with my IZ characters in it. It's realy funni! Read it!!! I command u!!!
When Zim notices that everyone is taking drivers ed. but him, he decides to do it to blend in more. Experience Zim's experience by reading! ^^
There is a lot of future type stories from Dib's eyes, so here is one from Zim's.  There is a follow up, to be posted later.
Zim is taking the opportunity of his life to become principal of the day, He will have to have a partner to achieve this activity but will Dib be able to stop him or will they just be Doomed!?