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In order to control his violent behavior, Trunks gets sent to therapy. Can he finally learn to stop pushing people away, or will his past keep him from moving on? It's better than the summary, I promise... Possibly SLIGHT Trunks x OC.
Some of you might have see the first part of this story on V1k's ..........Storys!
Anywas so im going to start the story again.So i hope you like it!But if you don't then you can bite me!
just a story to finish up dragonball gt.
what happens when Adult trunks turns into a Metal Monster!
I'm the only one left... everything is so lonely now...oh otousan...I need guidance. Please guide me.
An angsty Pan fiction
Just a theory, so understand that the whole having a baby thing is just my way to explain things, not factual.
Short fic from the perspective of Bra and Piccolo's baby son, Boxers.
A very cute Piccolo/Bra fic.
Like totally, is like, Bra the bimbo, like gone for good?
The birth of Bra. This has become somewhat of a classic, so I'd read it if I were you.
Romance Fic of Bra and Piccolo.
Little Bra has hitten her head and now thinks she a super hero!