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It about two crossover between a InuYasha character and a Yu-Gi-Oh GX Character being in love for each other and how they meet.
Drabble : Crossover : Modern life - she knew - would always bore her after her adventures in Sengoku Jidai, but she couldn't help but long for the supernatural.
Inuyasha ends up in sonics world. plz comment
An attempted rape awakens Mae's youkai kitsune blood, now she must seek answers in the past with Kagome and the inu gang...OC/Sessho pairing..Slight FB crossover, just 'cos I can...
When the ensteinet, Kagome, is transfered into a new school, she meets up with the star basketball player, Inu-Yasha, who she sang with at her old school on New Years Eve. They eventually sign up for the school musical, but Sango and Kohaku, the siblings who stared in every school musical, it trying to stop them. With the help of Koga, Ayame, and Kagura, the two show their true talent of singing.
Imagine the Inu-Yasha charecters as the Spongebob charecters...well this is what this story is all about.

Some of these delightful fun-filled scenes are from the old Spongebob scenes, so it will be more....spongey..

So, enjoy it's wierdness! For thi
Naraku sends the Inu-gumi(GUMI!) into Barney's world! Will they survive?

rated pg for retardness, and for the overuse of the word 'gay'

The Inu gang end up in Naruto's world! See what happens!
oc bad guys from cops n robbers
Details about me,Ryan,sidney,asia,sammi,brianna,heather about there oc
Cops and Robbers
celeberty deathmatch with bishiboylover, alex Mccat me and the pokemon and inuasha crew, very amusing
An Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic. Please be kind and help me with a title for the story