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When the Elrics are brought to a nervous-racked town, their mission goes wrong and they spot a girl hurriedly attempting to leave the crowd. What is she doing, and why does she seem to pop up every time they get into serious trouble?
Emma Lerikson resently lost her left arm at the elbow in a car accident. But when a mysterious old man pushed her through the familiar door from her favorite television series, Fullmetal Alchemist, things change.
Her name is Ellin Hime and she's the youngest state alchemist. Being the bold girl that she is; she just walks into Colonel Mustang's office only to see someone that she thought was dead standing there. Who is this person and does he remember her?
This is a story about Dorinda, Dorthea, Alviss (pronounced Al-viss), Kargin (pronounced Kar-gin) Valkyria meeting the Elric's and something between Dorinda and Lt. Colonel Mustang. some kissing and cussing later on.
This is my first attempt at a story for FMA, and I've only seen 6 episodes, but oh well. I hope you like this, I got the idea from me and my friend's rpg on msn lol ~Amanda~
This is basically what would happen if we turned all of our chars into monster things. XD! It has no plot or purpose at all.
It is just something that popped into my head and I thought it would be cool. It is basically about a private school for girls, but there is a dark secret behind it.
The profile for my OC
When all the State Alchemists have to contribute something to the military's Christmas party, what will Ed do? And can he help the newest recruit use her talents for good?
it's really just a song
Just as the title said.Plus,it's kinda funny.