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25 ways to be a jerk for the holiday season
i made this for my mom so it means alot to me.
This is a Christmas story about a girl named Eliza. She lives in The City of Twilight where nobody but her is on Santa's nice list. She meets Santa's son and they become best friends. You'll have to read to learn more.
Een kort kerst verhaaltje, zomaar eentje, zonder een daad werkelijk plot. Want waar het om draait, ben ik vergeten.

33% Hier © M.Selvi
Well Christmas is comming but 4 those who dont celebrate it i wanted to do a haiku poem about Winter!!!!
plz coment!!!
This is my first shot at a peom. its about giving, duh, it says so on the title. as i said before, this is my first poem ever so, go easy on me, ok?
My version of a Christmas that COULD POSSIBLY happen if Mrs. Claus were not around! -gasp-