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The story is about Aclaeus Johnson who findes ou he is the son of Zeus the king god of Olympus. His father tells him that a war is brewing between the gods, not only of Olympus, but between the Egyptians.
This was a report I did for school and a friend told me to put in on so i did. Its not very long but o well. comment please
   I did this because I was making a pic on Photoshop and I wanted to try the effect of fading words, so I wrote this poem. I love Greek mythology, so I used one of the most known tales of two lovers and the white mulberry tree, and changed it into a "a
This is a Origin Myth on how a frog was created and got it's name. It's in the Greek Myth thing 'cause it has some of the gods & goddesses in it. i was mad when I was writing it, so it's kinda about someone lol..