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This is for anyone who wants to be a part of something. For those who like the thrill of being rewarded for a job well done or punished for causing trouble. This is the Dark Wolf Pack. We are currently looking for members. Comment if you're interested.
I don't remember how it happened. How i got here. Or where I'm going. I just know, I'm running, because if I slow down, I'm dead.
One Hope, A story I made for my fursonna and my two best friends fursonnas!
Just a short story that I created at the spur of the moment...I really have no life...:D

...look at the title...
this is the tale of a wolf called shadow...enjoy i spent two years rewriting this story so plz tell me wat u think, also if u know any agents i'm gonna hopefully publish it!
A wolf pack has to fight for their beloved home
This is the story of three very brave wolves fighting for their kidnapped friend. As Storm, hunter, and Sasha look for thier missing friend Thunder they in counter some very tough challenges.
When Keidii discovers she's half wolf a whole new path is set out for her. Five different packs fighting against each other?!?! Which one will she choose to join alliances with? Will they accept her being half husky? Why are the packs fighting?
Short chapters i know, but its my first story i ever wrote so be kind about it
Basically Charlie the unicorn with wolves instead of unicorns.
Charlie- Linkximeh
Pink one: Pringle
Blue one: Ryuu
Letter Y in candy: Autumscar
about a girl who can talk and change into a wolf. WOW
Spikiki is a wolf. Not just any wolf though. You will find a pic of him in my gallery soon. Its pending. Same with some of the other chaaracters Spikiki leads a pack of wolves
Yep. New story. HURRAH.
about a wolf who knows an ancient language; one that is hated and shunned, so is he, and is trying just survive the cruelty of animals and humans in the Alaskan tundra
This is the story of Saffrons life in a poem.
this was so fun
a story about 2 wolves that leave their pack because they are always under fed and they jurney in ukown terra's!
this is a poem i made up about a wolf and a guns man
this is my latest poem about a wolf who's lost his family..and a man watching him...since people seem to like my poems i thought I would write somthing new...hope you all like!
Aww! A cutie story about a wolf who was orphaned young and went to stay with a snow-dog village. He feels lonely and different and just wants to be equal, but soon finds that being equal isnt always whats important :) I can kinda relate to this. x
the only wolves that arent mine r blazr alpha snowly beau haily roxy sly remrant
sea.they belong to fmaghostwolf dont ask i cant spell well
Fire is added to the Name of Blaze, And for good reason. Here is the second and last part to 'Origin'
A wolf sets pawprint into my soul, but also exist within my imagination, my reality. Her name is Fire Blaze.
this is a little bit of her past.