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GoddessOfTheWolves's Profile
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Username GoddessOfTheWolves Gender Female
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Last Updated Occupation Paraeducator for a "Special-Needs" Preschool
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Hey, I didn't fall off the face of the earth,
I am mostly hanging out at DeviantArt. Please Visit me at:

I am not closing this account, but I may only use it for my fanart. My DA is solely for my own original artwork. And I may Possibly post some of those here, as well.

Thank you for all of your comments and Favorites!
I truley appreciate each and every one of them!


** Requests/Art Trades: I am only asking for Art Trades. I am asking for a picture in return for my work, I love reciving other peoples art! All I ask is all requests to be based on animalia (Erm.... this also includes fantasy creatures). Unless you want some skary-looking human... thing... O_o; People take me twice as long to complete... but I'm working on it!! XD. If you are not sure if I am able to draw something, please dont be afraid to ask, everything is worth a try ^_~ and I'll see what I can do. I May ask questions get more details on what is wanted, and I need time! Between my Work and other things life tosses at me (and things I want to draw) it will take me awhile to complete a picture, especially if it needs to be colored, but none the less, it will get completed. Other than that, ask away! ^_^

1: (Closed)
2: (Closed)
3: (Closed)

Alright, so you all understand I love to draw, right? No? TT_TT (I'm so loved) Well ok then, I'm a 19 year old animal lover, (living with Two dogs, three birds, and two ratties) I really enjoy writing poetry, Photography (Shooting B/W with a 35 mm.) sculpting, and drawing. I only draw with a 0.5 2B mechanical pencil, outline with a Piolt G-2 .5 mm black ink pen, (and Why am I telling you this?) I color with Water colored-pencils, Paint with acrylics, though I am messing around with a little watercolor and getting use to it... So... Yeah. Oh, did I mention I like stuff? Well I do, Stuff's cool! ^^;;

Fav Books: Ratha's Challenge, Ratha and Thistle-chaser and Raptor Red

Fav Animals: Mostly canines: like Wolves, hyenas, dogs, fennecs etc, But I do like all types of animals like Big cats, Do Dragons count? Lemurs, Birds-of-prey (There's just too many!)

Fav Anime: Tenchi Universe/Muyo, Niea_7, Risky-Safety, InuYasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Wolf's Rain, G. Saiyuki, The Twelve Kingdoms

Fav bands/groups: Thrice, Falling Up, Haste The Day, Demon Hunter, Emery, Project 86, The Hippos, Supertones, Kutless, Thousand foot krutch, Enigma, Amethystium,

Fav. Movies: THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Mononoke Hime, Men's Best Friend, Nightmare before Christmas, Dog Soilders, Underworld, Nightmare before Christmas, Blue-submarine no.6, The Lion King,(Did I mention Nightmare before Christmas?) Kiki's delivery Service, Dragon Heart, Balto. Oh yeah, and.... Ok, I'll stop now TT_TT


Now for updated randomness: Socks and giant grasshoppers dont mix well with your favoite bricks mounted into the wall of your car's trunk


Well, that's it until I can think of more things which I doubt people would be interested in ^-^ If anyone wants to chat, I'm open for Conversation any time!

Below is the HomePage for 'The ArrowTail' Breed created from the imagination of my friend, DawnRunner or 'winged_wolf_of_the_sky' is her FAC name. Come take a visit!

~*Blaze*~ Goddess of the Wolves


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Morpher on March 21, 2008, 7:03:57 AM

Morpher on
MorpherHi, i checked out your gallery and its all very amazing! keep it up^^

Dragontine on November 16, 2007, 7:00:36 AM

Dragontine on
DragontineOK I hope its not too brasin to ask for a request? All right Uh its a bit compex but fun all the same! I would like you to draw two chars of mine locked in battle one is Eonmon an Archangle and the other is Placid Shadow (a growdon. will hav a pic of him up in a day or two! Fell free to use as a refrence) Eonmon you will like. She has a foxlike face with a crest on herforhead (begins with red orb with two gold prongs jutting out at the sides.) She also has caribu antlers with a second smaller orb suspendid in mid air between them. She has a hoses neck (includeing maine) Her boddy is thin like a grayhound with white and black eagle wings. She has a lions tail. her hindquorters is a zebra. She dose have caribu hoves that look a bit missproplrtioned. She spits fire alot so yah she can be breathing fire ^^ Fire is Fun! Lets do that! Ok Thanks!!! Ill draw you something up!

WolfSpirits on October 3, 2007, 9:53:46 AM

WolfSpirits on
WolfSpiritsHello Blaze-chan, How have you been?! Opps, I forgot to say, I'm kogasgirl176, the one who requested the Wolffox a long time ago, neh! I've seen you haven't posted much. ((D:)) Which saddens me because of your artistic ability and such. Well, hope your doing well!

Half_Wolf_Demon on July 17, 2007, 7:18:35 PM

Half_Wolf_Demon on
Half_Wolf_DemonHey I'm Sean and i love your art...I'm not very good myself and i was wondering if you would do the arttrade with me...You see I am looking for pictures to use as a tatoo and the tatooist needs a picture of what I want. I am willing to try my best to draw sompthing for you in return for my request. What the finished tatoo is goin to be is a wolf howling at a cresent moon on the crest of a hill with his dead mate lying on the ground in front of him....the moon will have the Lady Luna(my Patron Goddess) sitting in the curve(arch) of the moon whilst death is sitting at the top. and as you said your not that skilled with people as you are with animals all i ask is thatyou create the section of the two wolves. that is to say you have no problems with having your art combined with another artists. and if you feel you can do the complete picture that would be excellent. I appologize if any of this is offensive. Thank you for your time.


silvereye on April 5, 2007, 1:45:14 AM

silvereye on
silvereyedo you have the time for a request? I love your art work an hope you can help me out...
you see I`v just startet up my own Rpg forum, where you roleplay as wolfs, but I have just a temp. banner. can you make me one with four wolfs in it, 1 black, 1 white, 1 brown and the last one grey, I would be really happy if atleast one of the is howling. but no must.
love to have a moon in it,
with the tekst "Wolf Planet Luviji
where the wolf dreams wander"
hope you can help me out here and not to rush, but the sooner the better.
I hope to get my site up and running soon. heres the link if you want to check it out.
thank you

marc21 on March 5, 2007, 1:05:27 PM

marc21 on
marc21thanks very much =)

DivineWolf on January 10, 2007, 11:42:46 AM

DivineWolf on
DivineWolfo.o Whoa. You're art is really cool. I love your style!

Taslin on December 15, 2006, 8:56:01 AM

Taslin on
Taslin Oh my gosh! I haven't replied to your comment on my profile! sorry about that. I didn't see it. I just pushed the 'show all' and it came up. Anyway, thank you so much for the compliment. I know it would be a good idea to color and trace, but i'm just so afraid i'll ruin it. Sometimes i just think it'll make the shape become disfigured. Because sharpies kinda spread a little, and i'm afraid it'll just look odd. I know i SHOULD do it... but i can't bring myself to. I also wanted to say thanks for explaining about photoshop. I wish mine could be used the way Aspen uses her's. But i'm pretty sure it's just for fixing photos because it's called album starter. But is there ANY way to turn it into-what do you call it...-a thing to color pictures or something? (i can never think of the word when i'm trying to think of it!) Well, thanks again!




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