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It's about how gir and gin meet
A short story with original and own characters.
Snowie is sick. Can she get help from Earth?
This was requested by a friend on dA who wanted a romance crossover fic with Dib and Molly after an rp we did. Molly finds herself face to face with a crazy person...
Just a random thing I made up while looking at blood sport comic round one by ZoeChan. Kivana makes it to round 2 of the blood sport! What will happen?
A female Irken named Kal leaves her home planet and travels to Earth. There she meets Dib, and falls in love with him. He likes her, too. But Kal soon realizes Dib can't find out she's an alien.
While Jessica is in her lab, she gets attacked by SIR units!!! Wat is she gonna do?!
when acidently crashing her ship on earth, she noticed the lifeforms there looked odd. she got herself a diguise and pranced into a building. it turned out to be a music store, and for no appernt reson, bought a guitar and every dang beatles alblum...
This is basically Lucy's story from her POV. It's poetic. Not rhyming, but poetic.
this story is about a she-irken named Kir, her she-irken friend Bri, their sirs, and Zim,gir,tak.gaz, and sadly dib.
This is the story of a girl named Alice Agony and her melodramatic friend Kiki Kanibal Who happen to be Demons this is a story of heart break and murder and an unwanted pregnancy so read mo fos!

Here are ALL of mah OC's for IZ and their Bios. This will be a LONG one!
a fan fiction i wrote for the upbringing of invader ari.

dib and zim (c) Jhonen V's
Lucy is an Irken sent to overthrow the Earth alongside Zim, who the Tallest asume is dead. She instantly falls in love, but unbenounced to her, he's her brother. What will happen?
A scientists hunch with a computor geniuses help come together to create a new 'advanced' type of Irken.

But who is really in controle here, the creator, or the creation?
Invader Kay (my OC) is a bloodthirsty Irken Invader and always resorts to violence but how can she cope with falling in love... with Zim!? (invader Kay is sort of my alternate personality ^^)
it's been three years since ari has seen zim and the gang. why is that?
This is so my freinds can fav me since im a member of this site but my other profile isnt working
Yes w/ me you FOOL! Kind-a short...
Violence: Zim kills someone w/ a raygun. Not very bad. Read the story! PLZ! It's my first story!
If you don't know what the main character looks like Go find out. I would like it if somone would do some pics from scenes of the story. I really need em! This is not an actual event in Vik's life.
due to the fact that i don't have a scanner, i did mine ocs in a fic. k, read!!!!!!!!!
us both:we passed were ganna be invaders!
NIR:im so happy 4 you guys.
(beep beep beep)
brandy:answer that miranda.
miranda:(answers it)
(the tallests appear on the screen)
tallest red:we have some news.tell em purple!
tallest purple:you two will be assined to planet earth to help the irken invader already living there.
KIR:go fleemco go!
computer:end transmission.
to be continued!
There will be no parts to this story. I just felt like writing something D:
Long ago, there was a goddess who put all the elements of the universe together and created a special power that, under certain circumstances, could either save the universe or destroy it. The power selects its user, just like all things magical. The user passes its power through the generations, until one day...when it gets passed down to a hybrid. How will she handle the magnificent power? And how will she react when she finds that there are others just like her scattered throughout the universe?