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This story is about my Naruto oc Sky Ice and his family and friends.Comment and become a fan  if interested...
My story is sort of a Naruto, Inuyasha, type school story. It's about a group of high school girls and thier special high school life. They go to a school of witches and demons and well, you get the point.
Hey! Well, these are just gonna be some Naruto jokes I came up with(most when I'm either hyper or have nothing better to do). I personally think they're funny.
If you want a pairing or a specific crack, I can do it as a request for yah! =]
a random script thing   that i wrote at midnight, lol.
enjoy it. it is random.
Two girl's named Sora and Danni are in the world of Naruto each few chapter's is a differnt event these two go thought! prepare to probaly die of laughing!