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It's been awhile since I posted stories on this site, so I figured I'd throw one up for old times sake. It's a simple one-shot about Ed and Winry.
I suck at summarys, (sp?) but I just think it turned out cute. ^.^'
Winry launches Ed into the future to look for a stone called The Trizzendale Stone. But, with no clue how far she sent him, Ed will find alot more than the stone when she actually sent him 15 years into the future!!!!
when She is gone what will he do
Roy's friend and her family have some problems... I hate doing these descriptions. Rawr! Oh, and love the title! It took me a whole one minute to thing of it!
I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist and realized that I really wanted to write a fic pairing Hawkeye and Mustang. One-shot and realitivly cute.
Havoc is in Love with some one at the military. But she loves his brother. Will he tell her? HavocXOC Enjoy!
[ONESHOT] It's Saint White Day, and Winry asks for something sweet. But to Ed, a box of chocolates just isn't sweet enough ... EdxWinry, of course. Who else? I worship EdxWinry. YEA BABY. XDDD