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Danny, Sam and Tucker go to a movie, but that's just the beginning...
Danny is with Valerie...And Sam is pissed.'Songfic/Oneshot
The first DxS fic I've ever bothered to write. Somewhat tragic... A one-shot, partially from Sam's POV and partially from third person. After Danny, before college, she waits for someone she knows won't be coming home.
she stared at the unnatural beauty. Cradled so delicately in her pale hands, it almost blended in. How could something so small and unusual be so... flawless?
what are guts? what are they capable of? Simply giving you courage and keeping you alive? or can they do something else?
A bet is placed between Danny and Sam. The consiquences for losing: Pure Embarassment.
OMG i was reading some FF made by Angie-chan and i was all like "ZOMFG! i should make a fan-fic!" And then i started to talk to myself(again!;__;); I know what ur thinking"Wow! this chick is Coo-coo";__; i know i am! ok?! well...this takes place on Grad.
A Danny and Sam story
Danny finally confesses feelings for Sam.