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The adopted creatures I adopted. (Sorry it took so long.) Hope you like it!
I made my own lyrics to Fireflies by Owl City. They're about my friend who's not with us anymore.

You can find the original song on YouTube. :)

I love my little kitty, even though he's dead. Rest In Peace Yoshi.
A song for my beloved cat Felix....
He left this world, but he will always be there in my heart.

I <3 my cat!
My black cat Yoshi pasted away last fall, he drowned in a pool. This poem is in remembrance of him. You will always be in my heart, Yoshi.
A poem for my dear friend, Zelda. <3
This is the field guide to the forest!!
Rosestar is a really smart forest cat. On her birthday, Starclan gave her 1 life. She now is unstopable. Once a kittypet, always a kittypet.
Rosestar was once a kittypet.
Hi! This is a fan-book for 'Warriors', the awsomest books EVER! But, of course, some things in this book probably wouldn't happen in Warriors, just telling you...
Well, this is the first story I've ever uploaded anywhere, and I'd like you to please, if possible edit it or at least comment on it. Thanks! happy....
This is a one shot about my cat Hobie, after my mom told me we may have to put her to sleep.