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Not a story too lazy to write a story! Its one of the poems i wrote a few days ago to make my english teacher think im a freak.
Practice writing
With new powers, Dameon is sent to the School for Creatures Boarding School. Dameon is a vampire with new found powers who befriends a Fairie and a Zombie.
I story about a girl, Angelalie and a new guy she met, Jakaspher and a horrible secert she descovers about him. What will happen? And what is the horrible, yet intrugingly deadly secert? Read and find out.
This is about a Vampire that changes his ways once he falls in love with a girl.

this is a story about a vampire named Roxanne
A story of a love that seems it can't be, can Shawn be telling the truth? Or luring Molly into a trap of death?
im bored so im writing poems
hope you like this
A vampire story about a vampire in a boarding school.
A boy Moves in down the street, he seems like a normal boy but is he?
This is Just something I've been working on for the past two years. It's definitely not your average Vampire/Demon story though. Definitely more complex...but I guess that's up for you to decided, huh?
This short story is about a male vampire who feels that all his victems are all the same, he wants someone different and he gets his wish.

He is lonely and feels abandoned by the Gods.
All the main characters are vampires, but not the blood-sucking, evil kind. It’s more from they’re point of view. Anyway, you’ll find out more as the story progresses.
this story is about a girl that starts to hang out with a guy and later finds out that he is a vampire, and he has to protect her, and to defeat the werewolve clan.
Just the characters here, nothing William Shakespeare, still trying to get the damn introductory chapter finished.
This is an old story I desided to put up it's kinda long so it'll take a while for me to put it up. But it's finished so ya.
When a boy becomes a vampire...he is faced with difficulties as his hunger begins to get the better of him. Will someone he loves get hurt? Read to find out...

its about a girl who had been tricked into becoming a vampires by her lover and after that ploys to kill him im actually wrightis a story about it but its not done yet so hopefully its up soon hope ya enjoy this though.
adstones I need to be alone. I cannot take this pain any longer. My chest is caving in from all the sorrow that you left behind. And now, all that’s left are the aches of those kerosene kisses you placed upon the razor. The hearse is riding slowly thro
Tora, the blind, 15 year old, goth girl from a small town in Iowa, begins to have prophetic dreams that lead her into a world full of mystery and magic! What is this power growing inside her? And why can she suddenly hear voices calling to her in the dark
I really don't have a description... please read!!
It is a vampire story...
Kai was a normal girl living a normal life, until Kamon arrived. Now she has to defend herself against an abnormal being...
you ere his footsteps in the shadows. how ong can you run for?