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This is a story about Hannibal Bean. An old enemy is haunting Hannibal Bean down and wants to kill him. Will the monks help Hannibal or let him die?

Xiaolin Showdown charaters(c)Christy Hu

Other charaters belong to me.
This is one of my Xiaolin Showdown storys. I hope you like this.

Xiaolin Showdown(c)Chrisy Hu

OC Gina belongs to me.
The Shadow Dragon, it's more like a wiki page
its the actual story of my character, and if you like it, then just leave a comment!
My Character!
Andi Taelen (TAY-len) goes in for a job interview when she and her father move to China. Her sister, Zero, goes in for another. Andi and Zero are SO in for it.

Oh comments...NO NEW CHAPTERS!!!
A love story, kinda, between Yinyangprincess' oc, Haley, and my oc, Johnny. :) please enjoy
Your normal 5 feet 7th grader on his way to school, only to find Chase Young fighting the monks.

What will he do?
What will happen?

read on to find out!
This is a story about a girl named vanessa who is a unknown xiaolin warrior and a shadow warrior... read story to find out.
a mysterious girl arrives when the gang looks for a shen gong wu. Kimiko is eagar to find out the young girl's past that she won't tell. What is the girl's tragic past?
 Raimundo's little sister Jennifer joins the monks as a new Wudai warrior. She instantly becomes friends with Kimiko, but Rai's afraid she might open her mouth and tell all of Rai's secrets. There's a little bit of RaixKim.
This is the story i am starting
uhhh story about zombies,kasey and jack spicer.And if u wanna b in it pleese leave a cccccoooommmmeeeennnntttt!!!!!