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naruto and hinata fall in love, but soon everything starts to fall apart.
Hinata sees some major changes in Naruto. To find out, she brings up the courage to stay with Naruto one one one. True feelings are revealed. Some Hentai, too...
Naruto left on another mission with jiriah and came back hurt almost dead Hinata is devastated and scared that something like that will happen to him again and then she won't be able to confess her true feeling for him will she tell him
Naruto bursted around the corner.. "Late late late late." 
"Outtaa the way" He screamed at the local people....
Well I got bored and decided to make a NaruHina fan based story. But in this Naruto and Hinata all ready have a kid, she is 16 years old and ....well read the story to find out.
What if naruto returned in six years instead of two? Naruto relizes that he loves Hinata, so he asks her out, Only to realize that she's Kiba's Fiance. Will she stay faithfull to Kiba, or be with The one person she's wanted her whole life?
Eighteen years ago, the village was attacked by two mighty tailed canine demons; a nine tailed male fox and his mate, a seven-tailed female wolf. FULL SUMMARY INSIDE!!!
In Honor of Naruto's 13th Birthday today I present to you my first Fan-Fic...SPRING MATSURI!(note if requested i may make more festival fics)
Naruto gets paired with Hinata in a clean-up task that leads into something else... NaruHina OneShot
Hinata finally professes her love for Naruto in the Konoha ramen hut.