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Appearances can be decieving.
I always wanted to do this couple.
Naruto has been nothing more than a pest to Sakura. Her eyes are always on Sasuke. But when Sasuke breaks her heart and more, who Could Sakura turn to now?
Leave comments if you like.^^
a songfic. about how sakura is to shoved up sasukes rear to notice naruto. in the end.....FIND OUT! includes[[fluff,occness,and....SNOW]] CASCADA! another you.
read and find out. :) [[fluffiness,occness,cuteness, WARNING::THIS FANFIC WILL EXPLODE WITHOUT COMMENT! oh and it's kinda funny i guess. :]]
Post Timeskip
Sakura’s curiosity leads to a unique situation and teaches her more about the true nature of a certain blond shinobi. Mild NaruSaku, Het but with slight yuri and mentions of yaoi