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Team Gai goes on a very..looong mission..jelousy,capturing,what else?!?!?oh yeah!!!! [nejiten]
I don't know how many people like the Neji/Tenten paring, but I love it. (laughs) This is just a short one-shot for the pairing.
silly Tenten,not noticing she's confessing instead of scolding
it's cute
Sequel to "She really is a girl". When Neji and Tenten get into a petty argument will this be the end of it all? Or will something greater happen? Read and see ^_^
Neji sees Tenten with her hair down for the first time and for the first time, he noticed something really important... [NejiXTen][one-shot]
Neji and Tenten story.This is my second attempt writing a girlboy story. This is for a friend of mine, Stephanie Yon. Take a look at this, Stephanie!!!!