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Felix Lend is an exceptionally gifted student with a mysterioius background. Listen to Felix tell his story.

(I probably won't finish it. I never really played Star Fox.)
the second part of my jango the blue fox series
the first chapter in my jango the blue fox series
I am off school for the summer and I needed a project to keep me busy. I may not be the best writer, but I try. The title of the story may change. I haven't decided yet. Critiszm is welcome, but be nice don't flame me to bad. ^_^
What really happened to James McCloud?

This piece gives a possible scenario and sets up and explains many of the events after Assault, leading to Command.
The Star Fox team was celebrating after defeating Andross once again. So they held a party at their home. It was going great and then Fox noticed someone who seems to be familier but he can't remember. Who could it be?
gollum travels to find a bunny