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This is from my first book i wrote that i am editing alot.
My main character is a werewolf name Nikki and he goes through alot of tough things. Yes he has tons of kids and just has had a tough time with love.
...just read it.
Short story written by me
A book im writing, the story is about a normal teenage girl who moves from Florida to Oregon where nothing is as it seems, Samantha is the caught between conflicts that inflict the mysterious family and the boy she has come to love.
Sheiba's a solitary werewolf who sells her "abilities" to make ends meet.
For Veronica Smith, a half-werewolf, the existence of vampires are a curse from the devil. But when she seeks help from a group of these creatures, the seventeen year-old finds that the darkness is not that terrifying.
It's just a post of mine that I made on an rpg. I know it's short, but eh. Anyway, someone suggested that I should continue on, making a short story. What do you think?
this is a story bout a girl with some strange powers...
A story on how the Lucian clan started. Enjoy, cuz these dogs are wild!
When the world turns dark only three can save the world... but what happens when only one is left?? and the two are still haunting the forest?? ...
Go bak into a small forest to find a small town known as Ysseediea
Sagerus,a young wolf and her teacher Sytherzess,are very close
Her mother, Genilage,his been found at a human's house,dying
Sagerus nos that this is a dangerous juorney,to go alone into a human's world.Shes never seen one alive....only dead on her plate
As she goes on the long jerny....shye meets a boy...whom is neither a wolf,,,,nor human......but a Yapassydya
Yapassydyas are people who can grabs the souls of people and animals....and turn himslef into that person or animal
His name, Shzokolinge.
Sagerus and him now go on this jerny alone.
now starts a five year trip to find her mother,dead or alive
This is an exert from my Way of the Were story I'm working on enjoy and comment honestly (If anyone has a question just on this just ask)
a story i'm working on for my friends^^
Songfic to Godsmack's "I Stand Alone". The story of the fall of one of my oldest characters, Queen Loupe the 1st.
Poem about the evil in a werewolf, and the beauty in a wolf.
A poem of a werewolf's regret.
a wolf is hunted....
a werewolf hunts...
the last minutes of a wolf's life in a poem that took me about 5 minutes
Silvanis and Luther are back for more adventures.
*This was a project I had to do my freshman year about a human changing into something.*
Well, the title kinda says it all. Read and find out more! ^_^
A werewolf poem, I was bored and suddenly werewolf popped up. And if you read it and think a while it does have to do with a werewolf.
a Loup Garoux's transformation...Werewolf