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Go bak into a small forest to find a small town known as Ysseediea
Sagerus,a young wolf and her teacher Sytherzess,are very close
Her mother, Genilage,his been found at a human's house,dying
Sagerus nos that this is a dangerous juorney,to go alone into a human's world.Shes never seen one alive....only dead on her plate
As she goes on the long jerny....shye meets a boy...whom is neither a wolf,,,,nor human......but a Yapassydya
Yapassydyas are people who can grabs the souls of people and animals....and turn himslef into that person or animal
His name, Shzokolinge.
Sagerus and him now go on this jerny alone.
now starts a five year trip to find her mother,dead or alive



Chapter 1 - Sagerus
Submitted: September 18, 2006 • Updated: September 18, 2006
Word count: 436 • Size: 2k • Comments: 0 • views: 135


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