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*Summery inside

this is from my old account...just trying to get my old stuff on here
when raven is feeling a little more out of place than normal a special someone is thier to help her feel better
Summary inside!(One shot)
I DID NOT WRITE TIS!I found it on Fanfiction and I wanted to put it on here.The real author is:Black-Sammy
Sum:Slade has kidnapped Raven and left the Titans with clues on how to find her
Garfield Logan and his wife and daughter are enjoying a summer day at the pool...but all it takes is a certain song on the radio and a melancholy lifeguard to bring back the past. Partial songfic to "Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainright
'No,..there was no denying what had been said, and the truth in his words felt heavy upon her heart.' (a short one-shot, and a look at my favorite teen titan couple.)
*WARNING!!!! this is ALL about BB/Rae. Sorry....I’ll put Rob/Star in the next
story. PEACE OUT!!!!*
Malkior is finished and raven has a broken heart. BB tries to comfort her. What will she do? It's my version on the last part of spellbound.
Heey yall!! I'm gunna try and redo the story^^ No offence, but my 11year old writing sucked!!!! So, enjoy the edits! (working hard on every chapter today =D)
Starfire and Raven are going to the mall and Beast boy gets dragged along.This is my first story so I'm sorry if I make some mistakes Please commit.
Raven worrys over what to get Beastboy for his Birthday....but sometimes the simplest of gifts can be the best. BBXRAE