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A cute poem about the loving couples...
Sonic is prince to his mother's kingdom and He is highly respected among his people. Shadow is one of Sonic's many worker slaves. Shadow hates slavery more than anything in the world. Coming from two completly different lifestyles, how will they react whe
sonic gets mad and blows up at amy but shes not crying!
Sonamy story for Amyfan2004
Tails and Cream crash at a mountain and are stranded in the wild together. Already in love, the two have to trudge home through all the obstacles. Major TailsXCream.
Shadow's aniversery with someone.ShadX?????
Everything is getting on top of him. Cosmo's dead, he fears Tails hates him, and he still has to tell that one special person how much she means to him. When it becomes too much, that special person is there [SonicxAmy]