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First story so please don't hurt me!
When my random OC (that I made up in school lol) meets the Elric Brothers! What will happen next...dun..dun..duunn!
Of course I don't own any characters and such except for my OC lol.
These are the lyrics to the song Bratja (brothers) from FMA ((it's backround music)) It's originally in Russian... so I have the Russian and English lyrics here...
This story is for DivinePathos, the first person to post on my profile.

Not Much To Summ-up.

I've have seen the series, but I haven't watched it LATELY.
umm.. eh?
This is the Last part of the story in my version, I haven't seen it, yet. Soooooo th
Edward still believes he is to be blamed on what happened to his little brother, and he lets it be known through this poem.
A poem about that faithful night.
This is based on a conversation I had with a Full Metal Alchemist fanartist about what would happen if Ed was able to save sacrifice his arm before Al's body was completely destroyed. The idea of Ed and Winry going off to find the perfect automail to help