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Soon after Rosepaw's naming ceremony, she and her friends discover a portal that sends them into the country of Mossflower. In a struggle to return to White Hart Woods, and to StreamClan, Their curious mistake leads to a swashbuckling adventure!
A story about my charries and the charries of my BFF. More chapters coming soon.
this is my Addison to a RP please tell me what you think. by the way the RP is called a tail of redwall
Well, I did some digging and found my first Redwall short. It's based off of the same Quest that "Nieze" and "Letting Go". It isn't much, but I had to start somewhere....
The first part of an original series by me. Includes my buddy Winterpaw and her companions Yellowtip, Goldtail, Treewyte, Rosebloom, and Swiftsky on a perilous adventure for the water emblem.
A short story that popped into my head while on the monorail at Disney World. I can't really think of a good pretext right now, so feel free to form your own.
A mouse named Vian is a slave who escaped from a temple. When he escapes others learn of his great achievment. They ask him to help some secret assiints to aid him in bringing down the temple once and for all.
It's about a sea otter named Strike Speedwater, once a cabin boy to a band of sea rats, and a river ottermaid maid named Barkwater Streamtail, a lone traveling otter, and where the road of friendship takes them.
A story of mystery, friendship, and action!
Note—This story takes place after the book Marlfox, so if you haven’t read that book, some of the characters won’t be familiar. You can still read this story, though. Hopefully you won’t be too confus
My side character, and how he bacame a part of the Army of Litus. Beware, it's pretty long.
Aaron, my character, is searching to rescue his partner and soon-to-be fiance, Ilona, from a horde of vermin headed by a wolf named Vaso. The story takes place after an ambush and Aaron learns that Ilona may be dead.
The story based on my characters. More chapters coming shortly.
A young hare is taken as a slave and this is her story of survial.