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LilyClyne's Profile
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Im not One to be taken lightly, I am ill tempered and i snap at all that taunt so to those who like to mess and trick


You will not be spared an inch of Mercy for i will say it again Im not one to be taken Lightly.

I've had this gallery of Beginner stories and and pictures for a very long time now and Though it's just been recent that i returned with my highly improved drawing and writing abilities Im still dealing with the comments of a certain someone (of whom unless she has the guts to face me shall not be named) tell me that i need to fix this on my pictures or that but to be honest i dont care what this Girl says and i never have it's just seeing the comment there that annoys me the most. anyway I have dont my best to help her improve on her personality but she has refused to listen and blocked me from her so here i am leaving a my own nice little thought of what true artist is.

For me A True Artist isnt one who only Draw or one who only Right, it isnt a person who only sculps or only paints. A True Artist isnt someone who get the highest rated picture or most commented story nor is a True Artist someone who makes the most money off of what they create. A True Artist isnt someone who can draw a picture within an hour or less then 10 minutes. A True and fully True Artist is a person who loves to Create and give their Idea's a form in this world a Artist Creates art because they ENJOY it not because people like it.

This young girl has been arguing with both me and a friend of mine for a little while talking about True artist who Critisis other people to help them Improve well to me Everything A True Artist makes is a Work of art no matter how is was draw or how it was created weither it was stick figure or a horribly spelled paragraph It's Art and that person put their heart into it and That Young Lady is True art and what a True Artist is.Anyways I do not judge here i simply Live and Create I can be the sweetest person or the Darkest B*tch it will all depend on your approach to me.[/b]

"Come to My World,

See Through My Eyes"

Things one must know before befriending me(will be updated):

If you preach god youre getting shot down fast and hard
Expect @$$ loads of Sarcasm
If you love Gackt Camui i am your friend forever
If you like DBZ you are in with no question
I get ticked off fast
im stubborn
I make up fact in arguements just to win in them
Don't expect to never hear something from me that might piss you off
Don't expect something stupid not to come from my mouth
If im angry with you, you WILL know
"Skank" "Whore" "Asshole" "dog" ETC. are terms of love in my world (with some exceptions)

Just because i get angry fast doesnt me i get angry at everyone
Horror films and people being totured makes me laugh
anything that has to do with others getting hurt makes me laugh
there will be days when i dont feel like talking to anyone
Trying to make me feel guilty for something i did will never work, i'll just laugh at you
I feel, say, do, and think what i want when i want no exceptions
Writing is my pride and Joy. i'm very skilled at it and i've mastered my own way of writing DON'T try and fix it
Nothing good comes from crossing me wrong
approach kindly and you with get kindness in return
If you know how to push my buttons and make me smart...dont do it
if something seems like im joking when i say not


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Metalbeast on July 2, 2008, 9:24:13 AM

Metalbeast on
MetalbeastI passed everything! X3 Very happy. You?

flowingstream09 on June 22, 2008, 5:41:30 AM

flowingstream09 on
flowingstream09GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!

Metalbeast on June 18, 2008, 11:19:03 AM

Metalbeast on
MetalbeastOMG! Hey, Ty! X3 ::huggles::

Shade: Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! X3

xkibaxgirlx on June 14, 2008, 10:02:41 AM

xkibaxgirlx on
xkibaxgirlxi know you dont like God and stuff but maybe you could lower the cussing down a bit. im sorry but i dont like to cuss and it buggs me...sorry! it was that one comment on Living_Dead_Girls profile...dont be mad at me



Fresh out of bed (cutting class for a nap)

Fresh out of bed (cutting class for a nap)

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